Types of Coworking Spaces For Your Business
According to Nina Pohler -
“ Every workspace with flexible structures that are designed for and by people with atypical, new types of work- that is not exclusively for people from one certain company.”

Coworking is the new buzz word in workspaces.

Today, Coworking is thriving in many shapes and forms.

Here are 3 types of Coworking -

1.Traditional Coworking Space:

Traditional Coworking spaces focus on building community. In such spaces, a variety of businesses and freelancers can connect, support each other and thrive. The spaces are carved out with hot desks, permanent desks and private rooms to connect to all types of businesses. This is the “Sharing without Relationship” and it involves unrelated companies sharing the same space.

2.Lifestyle Coworking Space:

Lifestyle Coworking spaces focus on providing members with lifestyle benefits like yoga classes, meditation, food and beverages, childcare, personal growth events, etc.

3. Niche coworking Space:

Niche Coworking is one of the trends of 2019. These spaces are industry-specific, catering to specialised segments of the market: legal, musicians, construction and so on.  

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